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Always Have Correct Change in Your Wallet

Some people carry change purse with them where ever they go, but you won t use most of those coins. Why carry coins that you won t use? So what is the fewest number of coins you can carry that allows you to produce any exact change? And then find an inexpensive way to carry that in your wallet.


So what is the fewest number of coins you can carry that allows you to produce any exact change?The answer is 10 coins, 3 Quarters, 1 dime, 2 nickel, and 4 pennies. With this combination you can produce any number between 1–99 cents.

An alternative answer would be 6 coins, 3 Quarters, 2 dimes and 1 nickel. In this example you will range most change between 5–95 cents, in 5 cents increments. In this example you will never receive more than 4 cents in change back.

The project is a way to carry these 10 coins easily inside your wallet. I have used a thin piece of cardboard. But if you may use most anything, I recommend any material about 2 stacked coins thick, and have enough friction to hold the coins in place.


a Credit Card to draw template
A pen
3 Quarters
1 dime
2 nickels
4 pennies
sharp knife
Thin Cardboard
30 minuets to an hour of free time

Draw and Cut

First get the cardboard, use a credit card and your pen to draw a template.

Draw Your Coins

Place coins on template. Use pen to trace your coins. Put them generally where I have them place. Now when your tracing remember the cardboard must support itself when you cut the coins out. So don t have coins touching and leave a fair amount of room between them. Remember you will be staking the coins 2 per slot.

Cut It Out

Cut the coins out. It is harder to slice cardboard like this so I used a stabbing motion around the coin. repeat for the rest. Keep it tight or else the coins will fall out when you place it in the slot. It is easy to cut more out, but it is harder to start over.


Once you have all the coins cut place your coins in the holder and place your holder in your wallet. When you are at the local eatery you can know you have the correct change.

Note: When you are waiting in line, it is a good idea to punch out the coins and have them all ready in your hand.


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