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An elegantly simple, functional (2 compartments, credit card securing flap) and surprisingly durable wallet.

You need only 2 items — A4 sized sheet of EVA foam and glue (PVA or similar). No cutting required.

Fold #1

Fold along a line about 1/4 from the top

(I am using a sheet with pre-printed design on one side, plain on the other)


Fold it in half to create the midline crease

Fold #2

Bring in the lower corners so that they almost touch the midline just above the bottom margin

Fold #3

fold about one third from the bottom

Glue It

spread some glue inside — yellow areas shown in diagrams — second pic shows areas covered by the glue if project is opened up

Allow glue to dry


Enjoy this Do-able and Durable wallet!


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