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Sweet Money Clip

This is a very simple money clip that will only take you about 2 minutes.


This part is very easy and will be very cheap if you don"t have them:

- 1 cheap money clip from the dollar store (or any were else, doesn't matter)

- Super Glue

- Gameboy game ( really you can use any thing you want this will be the "faceplate")

- Multi-purpose tool EX:a leatherman

Remove the Boring Faceplate

With your multi tool detach the faceplate(the small plastic thing on the front, mine was a eagle)

Attaching on the New Faceplate

Now that you have taken off the old faceplate you are ready to put on your own take the super glue on put it on the money clip (were the old faceplate was) and press the clip and the gameboy game together. Now you are all done!

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